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In today's environment of overcrowded and congested roads, even the most careful drivers have an ever increasing chance of being involved in a road traffic accident. The statistics are simple, the more hours you drive each journey the greater your exposure to this accident risk.

And when an accident occurs, however minor, you are now more likely to experience the ever increasing compensation culture where a multitude of insurance claim recovery companies and solicitors offering 'no-win - no fee' arrangements are ready and willing to maximise the financial value of a Third Party claim against you.

In this climate of rising insurance claims costs the ACCI-CAM

Accident Camera & Emergency Camera

  has been proven as the most cost effective risk management tool in combating the problem of unjust or inflated Third Party claims.

The compact ACCI-CAM Accident Camera

 is designed to be kept in your vehicles and used for recording an accident scene together with the actual damage sustained to any vehicle or property involved. The resulting photographic evidence provided to your insurers greatly assists them in mitigating the costs of any resulting Third Party claims.

In the case of non-fault accidents such photographic evidence can help in proving the liability of others and ease the process of recovery in respect of your own damage costs.


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